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This week’s veggie box: the recipe dig begins

Some good stuff and some I’ll need some help with recipes for. We also might need to cut down to half a share! •Beets (help? Found a few recipes i want to try) •2 cabbages (help!!) •Lettuce •Sweet potato •Green … Continue reading

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CSA Chronicles parte Quatre: Ratatouille

There was a large eggplant, a zucchini, some tomato sauce, and an onion in the fridge, along with some Robusto cheese and the cojita. What to make? That famous peasant food favorite of crotchety food critics like Gusteau, of course. … Continue reading

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The CSA Chronicles Part Tres: SpanaChardaKopita with Cojita Cheese

What to do with 2 bunches of chard and a bunch of spinach? And 5 leeks? Spanakopita! yes, but i’m  allergic to Feta…what to do? Ah but…there is a substitute that tastes good…cojita cheese. It is crumbly, but actually melts … Continue reading

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The CSA Chronicles II: Mooli (Radish) Paratha

To go with my Kholrabi bharta and to use up 2 bunches of radishes, I decided to make some mooli parathas (radish flatbread). Tarla Dalal’s recipe was a pretty good start ♣ Equipment: A food processor with a grater disk … Continue reading

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The CSA Chronicles: Kholrabi & Kholrabi Bharta

Since we lost our garden to the “Temple of Doom”, I finally convinced my husband to let us try joining a CSA. Actually, no I can’t take the credit–my friend did, when she told him about a reasonably priced one … Continue reading

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sweet potato pesto

A 5 minute alternate for regular pesto…has a super food, too! in a food processor, combine the following ingredients and process until smooth: 1 sweet potato cooked (wrap it in a wet paper towel and microwave for 5 minutes). then … Continue reading

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Portabella Parmesan with sweet potato pesto

I saw Giada make a version of this when i was mindlessly watching the food network while cooking one night. Hers seemed too cheesy (especially since I wasn’t supposed to be eating dairy–or at least minimizing it). So I modified … Continue reading

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