Restaurant and Product Shoutouts


Memorable dishes at restaurants that understand vegetarians like tasty food (kudos). Sometimes things that inspire my recipes…

  • Chaia Tacos, Georgetown
  • El Centro, Georgetown and U Street–tasty veggie friendly items on the menu
  • Sprig and Sprout, Simply Bahn Mi, PhoViet–all have great veggie pho and bahn mi
  • Beefsteak (Jose Andreas’s very veggie friendly fast casual place in Dupont and Foggy Bottom). Awesome ‘beefsteak’ (as in the tomato) burgers and veggie bowls
  • Taqueria National (14 & T)–kudos for always having a vegetarian special. Would I love even more options? yes. but their squash blossom taco is really good. the egg/chili one isn’t bad either. And their other veggie tacos are pretty tasty too.
  • So this might sound funny, but chipotle’s new-ish sofrito option is great. tasty, spicy.
  • Amsterdam Falafal
  • Cava Mezze
  • Pho14 in Adams Morgan–a lot of vegetarian options (pho, bahn mi, with tofu and vegetarian stock).
  • &Pizza at U and 14th. Lots of customizable options!
  • Sakuramen. Wow, I didn’t get the whole ramen craze, til I tasted their “signature sakuramen”–with mushrooms, corn.
  • Check out  14th & Q street pizzeria “Etto”.  The two basics and some sides are their veggie options. I like the margarita. The don’t do a lot of changes though 😦
  • I haven’t been but wanted to give a shout out to Hanoi House, on 14th near U–a veggie-friendly Vietnamese establishment on 14th street. Thank you for using tofu as an option for multiple dishes. I love that you give me the option of trying things. I’m excited to see how it is.
  • Masa 14 many yummy dishes–crispy tofu, mushroom flat bread, wok-fried okra (14th & S NW)
  • Agora (17th and Q). Lots of tasty turkish mezze. Imam Bayaldi (baked eggplant with onions and stewed tomatoes), Ottoman rice
  • Matchbox–veggie pizza (tell them you want it lightly cooked or it will be charred)
  • Rasika–palak chaat, butternut squash samosas (Washington DC Penn Quarter and West End).  I recommend this place for appetizers, not main dishes. Palak Chaat: paper-thin, flash-fried spinach appetizer — lightly tossed in tamarind chutney and sweet yogurt and flecked with red onion
  • Julias empanadas (really? yes). The spinach. and sometimes the weekly vegetarian. cheap, tasty, a reliable standard
  • Bua Thai (17 and P): Ask for the #31 (Pad Ke Mao) with tofu instead of chicken. they will oblige, and it will be tasty. Tender eggplant, bell peppers, and basil in a tasty sweet-sour sauce.
  • Mandalay (Burmese in Silver Spring). Cabbage ginger salad. really, we came home and tried to make it. that good.
  • Bangkok Joes (for their dumplings): butternuts quash dumplings, mushroom dumplings
  • Inn at Little Washington’s– truffle popcorn. trufly, slightly sweet and salty. soo good. (note: this place is only only for special occasions and you have to tell them ahead that you are vegetarian and then remind and ask…i was served caviar even after I asked the server)

Product Shoutouts

Companies that are making my veggie life better. Are some of these “processed”? Yes. Do I ue them every day and in large quantities? No. But they add add flavor and variety to our meals.

  • Gardein (good fake chik’n). I like the scallopini and the mandarin chick’n (I don’t use the sauce packet)
  • Field Roast (chipotle mexican veggie sausage, you are a versatile lifesaver in our household. ads flavor, spice, and protein). And for anyone who’s ever been skeptical of seitan, you really ought to try this.
  • Trader joe’s meatless meatballs
  • SOL Cuisine (korean barbeque, “tinga” vegetables). who knew. some of your your sauces are a little too sweet…but good try.
  • Sophie’s Kitchen: I saw the veggie crab cakes and calamari in the freezer section and thought “really”? but two meat eaters in my house said they tasted good.
  • Morningstar Farms Sausage Style crumbles: This was our first discovery and we used it a lot those first years of our veggie-meatatarian relationship. It makes a great substitute in tacos, chili, and lots of other stuff. And for over a decade, my fellow girl scout leaders and I have faked out our girls with this. Safer food handling, easier for us, and best yet, they like it.  Only the girls cooking know the “secret”  and we do a “reveal” at the end. it’s kind of funny to watch each time. This year one girl asked if we were going to have the “amazing” tacos again!

Thoughts? Did you try this and have a suggestion? Did you like it?

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