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Portland, ME: Veggie options done right 

We’re loving Portland, Maine. It makes the list of places I’d like to live (summer home)–it has ocean (beautiful views from our house), is an interesting, eclectic small city, and has great food. Vinland a locavore, small plates restaurant–food is 100% … Continue reading

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Homemade Vegetarian Marshmallows!

I did and made a lot of things today, but my personal crowning achievement: making homemade vegetarian marshmallows! Not sure why I find this so exciting–perhaps because the store bought vegetarian ones aren’t quite right (good enough for s’mores, but … Continue reading

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People’s Choice winning Jalapeno cornbread

I won an award at a neighborhood cornbread bake-off today. The whole thing was just a lot of fun…a bunch of neighbors getting together to eat good food, enjoy a crisp fall day outside, and compete over…cornbread! It’s apparently a … Continue reading

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A shout out to a new Arlington “restaurant”, Chez Holly Jonny

The other night, we got a text message inviting us to a new Columbia Pike bistro, Chez Holly and Jonny “serving up eclectic fare”.  The restaurant week special included panang veggie curry and basil egg plant drunken noodle. The food … Continue reading

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What is a happy veggie foodie?

A happy veggie foodie is someone like me: A vegetarian (no meat, no fish) who truly enjoys food  and cooking. We like food that has taste, flavor, is creative, and fun. A veggie foodie is happy when restauranteurs, chefs, and … Continue reading

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