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Homemade pistachio gelato. mmm…

With DC baking at 103· last night, I decided we needed to make some gelato to cool down. It was my second attempt (first this summer) at gelato/ice cream making since we got our ice cream maker attachment, and it … Continue reading

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Yellow tomato & avocado gazpacho

Our garden plot is highly productive and each day, we get a bunch of mystery vegetables and herbs that we need to figure out how to use.  This day, we got a bunch of yellow and red tomatoes, a mini … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Bites

We had a few sweet potatoes that we’d cooked a week ago that were just sitting in the fridge. What should we do with them, I thought. And then I remembered Swapna’s cool idea–sweet potato cutlets! the ingredients 2 sweet … Continue reading

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What is a happy veggie foodie?

A happy veggie foodie is someone like me: A vegetarian (no meat, no fish) who truly enjoys food  and cooking. We like food that has taste, flavor, is creative, and fun. A veggie foodie is happy when restauranteurs, chefs, and … Continue reading

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